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"NSK - ENGINEERING GROUP LTD is a specialized construction company  for manufacturing and installation of steel and concrete structures of industrial, energy and infrastructure, agricultural, public and residential buildings.
The company provides complete construction, major and current repairs, construction and installation of the service buildings for various uses, composition and design - residential, industrial plants, retail outlets and warehouses.
"NSK - ENGINEERING GROUP LTD is a specialized construction company for investment, design and execution of works on parts Architecture, Construction, Plumbing, Electrical, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Capabilities of the company include:
• Implementation of projects
• Manufacture and installation of metal structures
• Manufacture and installation of reinforced concrete structures
• Corrosion protection of steel structures
• Control of all types of welding joints
 "NSK - ENGINEERING GROUP LTD was founded in 2005 as a specialized unit for installation of steel and reinforced concrete structures

HONESTLY correctness and professionalism
Trust is the foundation of our business relationships. "NSK - ENGINEERING GROUP LTD invariably associated with an excellent quality of services, personal commitment to client loyalty. Our projects are executed in accordance with all regulatory requirements. Our professionalism is the foundation of our achievements.

In NSK - ENGINEERING GROUP LTD are involved carefully selected highly qualified technical professionals - engineers, technicians and workers with proven experience in construction. Partners in the creation of the company so far:

"MSK - Kazichene, Ltd. Soignies - 94 Ltd., KARTEKS P AD,
 "Tangra AV Ltd, BM STYLE Ltd., TERRA GROUP LTD, Teko Ltd.,
"WATER HOLDING LTD," Straight "Ltd., Plovdiv Airport EAD,
"Leopold Jordan Ltd., A-RUBICOLINE Ltd., PATREMONT Ltd.,
"Techno - STROY SET Ltd., BORADI Ltd.,Vector”В” Ltd., UNISTYLЕ Ltd., STORY - 05" Ltd., "SHTRIH CONSEPT LTD,
  "PIK Computer Ltd. AKAZA Ltd.