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"NSK Engineering Group" Ltd.

design ,construction and repairs of reinforced concrete and metal buildings and facilities

"NSK Engineering Group" Ltd. is a construction and investment company founded in 2005 G. as a specialized unit for installation of steel and reinforced concrete structures.

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Trust is at the heart of our business relationships. "NSK Engineering Group" Ltd. invariably associated with excellent quality of services offered, personal commitment to the customer and loyalty


Construction of external and internal water supply and sewerage


Execution of retaining walls


Industrial and civil interior and design

Professionals with extensive experience

Company "NSK Engineering Group" Ltd. is a regular member of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Chamber of Builders in Bulgaria. С Protocol No. 0053/ 17.07.2008 year. of the Chamber of Builders in Bulgaria, Construction company NSK Engineering Group Ltd. is entered in the Central Professional Register of Builders: FIRST GROUP- high-rise constructions, its adjacent infrastructure, electronic communications networks and facilities;CONSTRUCTIONS FROM THE THIRD, FOURTH AND FIFTH CATEGORY

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our services

We offer


1.Research and study of the construction site.
2.Elaboration of a conceptual design.
3.Elaboration of technical project.
4.Coordination of project documentation


1.Residential and administrative buildings
2.Production and storage halls
3.Vertical layouts
4.Repairs and finishing works
5.Retaining walls
6.Construction flooring
5.Construction flooring,Construction flooring


Construction flooring.


1.Construction flooring
2.Preparation of the construction site and construction of time roads.
3.Preparation of the construction site and construction of time roads, Preparation of the construction site and construction of time roads.
4.Implementation of investor and technical control.
5.Preparation of regulatory documentation and handover of the construction site.

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city. Sofia,Hr.Smirnenski str.593 № 2, et.3