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Management, organization and technical management of construction sites

The service guarantees optimal use of available funds, control, preparation and following of a project schedule, optimal use of the capacity of the contractors, the implementation of the construction and installation works included in the project,change and dispute management, improving quality, flexibility in various contracts and public procurements, cash flow management.

  • selection of designers, preparation and conclusion of contracts and control of their implementation, as well as participation in the acceptance of the finished project;
  • verification and assistance in optimizing the quantity and value account;
  • participation in the selection and control of subcontractors and suppliers of the site;
  • advising the investor in choosing materials, which are subject to investment in the site;
  • certification of the actually performed works after measurement and control for compliance with the requirements of the project;
  •  Implementation and technical control of the construction and installation works included in the project
  • control over the observance of the actually performed works with the agreed prices;
  • control over compliance with the implementation schedule;
  • control of the use of materials in the site, meeting the relevant requirements, to be certified with documents and suspension of their insertion, as well as imposing their removal in case of established deviation from the adopted standards;
  • assistance in the timely resolution of problems arising during construction;

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