"Repair of bathrooms and construction of new bathrooms in the workshop building, including repair of a reinforced concrete staircase and installation of outdoor park lighting of the GHG “Tsar Ivan Asen II ”. Asenovgrad

The construction of the site was carried out in the period from 30.10.2020 G. to 15.12.2020 G.

  1. Replacement of windows and interior doors
  2. Dry construction
    • in front of wall cladding from GK
    • pillar walls from GK
    • suspended ceilings
  3. Facing of walls and making of flooring from ceramic tiles
  4. Repair of el. installation
  5. HVAC repair
  6. Repair of plumbing and sanitary equipment
  7. Interior finishing works- putties, putties, plasters, painting work
  8. Repair of external reinforced concrete staircase

Area of ​​the property [m2]


Total area with ideal parts included [m2]


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